Youval Music Center – Music and Youth Orchestras

Youval Music and Youth Orchestras Center is the largest music center in Haifa, with approximately 350 children and adolescents who learn to play acoustic instruments of all kinds, including vocal training.


מרכז יובל למוזיקה ותזמורות נוער



Youval was founded before the establishment of Israel, as the municipal youth orchestra, and operates as a fellowship since 1996. 350 children and adolescents from all over the city learn to play every instrument of the orchestra: Woodwinds (flute, recorder, clarinet, saxophone, oboe and bassoon), brass (trumpet, Horn, trombone, baritone horn and tuba), percussion (drums, timpani, xylophone, marimba, etc.), piano, strings (violin and cello) and guitar, as well as vocal training.

Youval Center places particular emphasis on the experience of playing together, as well as on professionalism and love of music. Six of the country's best youth orchestras work in an atmosphere of fellowship at the Center, four of woodwinds and two of strings, the adult one being a symphonic orchestra. They tour and perform around the country and in international competitions abroad.

For several years, the Foundation grants scholarships to outstanding students of the Center, in a festive ceremony held in the municipality's Conference Hall.





Scholarships ceremony 2018


מרכז יובל למוזיקהConcerts abroad

In 2018, Yuval Music Center Orchestra traveled to China, and participated in a Youth Music Festival in Chengdu, a twin city of Haifa.

The Festival was attended by 36 delegations of musicians and dancers from around the world.

Yuval Center's delegation consisted of 16 participants, headed by the Center's Director, Ran Polsky; musical director, conductor and clarinet player Slava Feigin; and an escorting parent.

Student performances at the Festival were highly successful and praised. The concerts were held on impressive giant stages in front of huge audiences, and were very exciting for both the audience and the orchestra players.

The Festival's production provided the delegation with a couple of English-speaking students, and the hosting—which included transport, accommodation, food, tours, meetings and concerts—was superb, warm and hearty.

Haifa delegation members were acquainted with interesting cultural figures from different countries in the world, such as Karantaka - India, Buenos Aires - Argentina, Prague - Czech Republic, and Russia. Bonds were forged with the respective musical bodies, in the hope for further contact and delegation exchanges in the future.

The Orchestra received invitations to participate in two festivals in China during 2019: the Water Festival in Dujiangyan, sponsored by the municipality of Chengdu, in April 2019; and the Youth Music Festival in Chengdu in July 2019.

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