"Beat" Music School

"Beat" Music School, founded in 2006, operates as part of "Beat" Music and Culture Center, headed by Yuval Kaufman. It has about 250 students, aged 10-30, from Haifa and the North. Haifa Arts Foundation supports scholarships for disadvantaged students, allowing the North's future musicians to acquire musical education in a warm supporting environment. In a ceremony held at the municipality's Convention Hall in January 2016, the Fund awarded 10 scholarships to outstanding students of the school.



"Beat" Music School provides a warm home, personal encouragement and support to anyone who has music burning in their hearts. The school provides music lessons in a variety of musical instruments, voice training and acting lessons. With a wide overall view, Beat covers every aspect of learning, ranging from personal training to integration in music ensembles and bands. 

The school teaches all genres of music and especially promotes young original music writing. To this end, Beat produces several concerts per year for the students, and provides free recording of first single to ensembles formed in the school, as a springboard to the professional music world (the sky is the limit!).

The place has rehearsal rooms, a state-of-the-art recording studio and a stage fitted with professional sound equipment, which give students professional skills, enabling them to maximize their musical potential—existing and acquired—and to prepare them for the grownups world of professionals. 

בית הספר למוזיקה "ביט"



  1. Individual lessons in drums, guitar, bass, vocal training, oud, flute, violin and piano
  2. Wind instruments, including individual lessons on trumpet, trombone, baritone, clarinet and saxophone
  3. Musical theory for beginners and advanced level
  4. Early childhood course for ages 3-6, with Osif Ungar
  5. Acting and stage performance with actress Smadar Brener
  6. Ensembles – The Beat's bands project. A unique project of its kind, one of the largest in the country, with dozens of bands whose members are 13-40 plus. During the project, bands are formed and are guided by musical producers accompanying them from the moment of forming the ensemble to consolidation of the material, to PR, booking, recordings and shows
  7. Orchestras (considered prestigious)

בית הספר למוזיקה "ביט"

Armen Aslanian, Haifa Big Band's internationally renowned trumpeter, conducts the Beat Band Orchestra. The orchestra has a regular tour routine, including weekly rehearsals and annual performances with the Haifa Big Band.

The unique cooperation between Beat and other divisions of Ethos - The Haifa Municipality Art, Culture and Sports Association Company - allows young musicians from various programs and ensembles to meet and learn from topmost professional musicians who are active in the Haifa Symphony Orchestra and the Haifa Big Band.  Students also have the option to participate in special master classes of international musicians.

Students are often integrated in all performances within and without the Beat Cultural Club, including many urban institutes and independent productions, promoted by Beat Cultural Club, adjacent to the school.

"Beat" Music School fosters the musical community through joint festivals, open stage events and social activity.

Further information: Http://bit.ly/1ScqNUo

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Information and registration: 04-8107107, 04-8101961
124 HaNassi Blvd., Haifa

בית הספר למוזיקה "ביט"

בית הספר למוזיקה "ביט"

בית הספר למוזיקה "ביט"

Photo: Ziv Amar


Scholarships Ceremony 2018