The Rubin Conservatory of Music, Haifa

Over the years, Haifa Arts Foundation has awarded scholarships to outstanding students of the Conservatory. Nine scholarships were awarded in 2014, ten in 2015.


rubin1The  Conservatory's Orchestra. Conductor: Yavgeny Apter

Zvi Rotenberg, who was its first Director as well as a co-founder of Haifa Symphony Orchestra, established the Samuel Rubin Conservatory of Music in Haifa in the academic year 1949-1950. Today the Conservatory boasts some 400 students, who come from all across Haifa and the North.

The Conservatory is a professional music school, offering music education from the very first steps to the academy, accredited by the Ministry of Education and under its supervision. The classes are individual, the lessons given by professional teachers with extensive experience in teaching, graduates of music academies approved by the Ministry of Education to prepare students for the matriculation (Bagrut) certificate recital.

Studied subjects: piano, violin, clarinet, saxophone, cello, Viola, bass guitar, voice, flute etc.

The Conservatory has a stock of preowned instruments loaned to students free of charge. The Conservatory works as best as it can to obtain scholarships for students who have difficulty paying tuition fees.

The curriculum of the music courses was developed by the Curricula Committee of the Ministry of Education, adapted to the requirements of external matriculation exams. It includes pre-instrument classes for preschoolers, Musikef, for ages 4-6, individual playing lessons for ages 6-18, theoretical studies including music theory lessons, playing/singing in performance ensembles, concerts and more.

Playing and theory tests are performed during the academic year, at the end of which the students receives a certificate of achievements. Other regular activities include weekly concerts at the Conservatory, master classes with renowned artists, public concerts outside the Conservatory, community activity in various cultural events, in nursing homes, community and municipal ceremonies, recitals by graduates and so on.

Three bands are active at the Conservatory – young, preparatory and representative; two choirs – young and representative; and many small to medium ensembles of students selected by their teachers. Playing in a chamber ensemble contributes greatly to the musical development of the student, provides teamwork habits and enriches one's knowledge of the musical repertoire.

The experience of learning at the Conservatory exposes the students to the fulfilling and challenging process of music studies: developing the imagination, abstraction, memory, sensitivity, work habits, coordination and of course—the key to the world of sound as a hobby and as a companion for life.

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Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday from 13:00-19:00


Scholarships ceremony 2018.


Scholarships ceremony 2018.


From the artistic program: students of the Rubin Conservatory of Music,  at the scholarships ceremony 2018.