Beit HaGefen - Museum without Walls

Beit HaGefen
Museum without Walls, December 2013–February 2014.
Museum without Walls project is an exhibition and an internet Archive, accompanied by a catalog, displaying a collection and documentation of the art, poetry and literature exhibition that was part of the Holiday of Holidays Festival, produced by Beit Hagefen, between 1994 and 2013 – twenty years of art exhibitions.

 Irit Segal Israeli, Cypress, from the exhibition Mediterranean, 2002-2003

Photo: Irit Segal Israeli

The archive offers a retrospective look at the annual activities, documenting the changes the Wadi underwent, and allowing a study of visual culture covering a variety of subjects.

Exhibition and Internet Archive – Research and curation: Dr. Tal Ben Zvi, Yaela Hazut and Lianne Sayed

Graphic Language: Kanaba Studio (Nina Zidani and Sana Jamalia); Technical Director: Bilal Houseri

Catalog - Editors: Dr. Tal Ben Zvi and Yaela Hazut. Graphic language, design, and catalog production: Kanaba Studio (Nina Zidani and Sana Jamalia). Hebrew editing and English translation: Maya Shimoni. Hebrew editing and English translation for the articles Foothold and Who Gave the Order: Ran Cohen. Arabic editing and translation, English translation of Dialogue with the Place: ROAA Translation and Publishing Ltd.

Catalog articles by:

Hana Kofler – The Place Dictated the Contents that Reverberated In It.

Yaela Hazut, Lianne Sayed – Museum Without Walls.

Dr. Tal Ben Zvi – Foothold: Arab Artists and Palestinian Plastic Art in the Holiday of Holidys Festival, Wadi Nisnas, Haifa.

Antoine Shalhat – Poetry Way: Words as an Outline.

Dr. Ziva Kolodney – An Open Public Space as an Agent of Coexistence.

Dr. Johnny Mansour – Dialogue with the Place.

Rollie Rosen - Who Gave the Order? A Palestinian Parade in Ben-Gurion Boulevard.

Printing: A.R. Printing Ltd, Tel Aviv.

The catalog contains photographs of various works, plus articles. All captions and texts appear in three languages: Hebrew, Arabic and English. Haifa Arts Foundation assisted in the production of the catalog.

מוזיאון ללא קירות



מוזיאון ללא קירות



מוזיאון ללא קירות



מוזיאון ללא קירות