Haifa Big Brothers Big Sisters Association

Haifa Big Brothers Big Sisters Association, which started out under the name Big Brothers, is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping in the education and development of children from families without a father or a mother figure.

Without a mature, responsible and supportive figure, children have to cope with life on their own. The result: loneliness, damage to self-confidence, difficulty in integrating into society, and increased exposure to negative influences. Over time, the presence of the older sibling and the developing relationship create a real change in children's sense of self-esteem and in their lives in general.

Haifa Arts Foundation assisted the organization in funding trips to familiarize the "young" brothers and sisters, new immigrants, with Israel's geography.

The travel routes changed from one year to the other, and included Hatzerim (Air Force Museum), Sde Boker, the Golan Heights, Jerusalem (Israeli Knesset, the High Court of Justice, Mount Scopus, the university campus, etc.)

In addition, the Foundation's management decided that the association would receive tickets for shows for children and youth, supported by Haifa Arts Foundation. In this framework, the Foundation also subsidized tickets for the International Children's Theater Festival.

Today, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel association runs the Haifa Big Brothers Big Sisters Association.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel association is a branch of the International Big Brothers Big Sisters association, the American program that was founded about 100 years ago.

In 2003, social worker Libby Reichman founded the Jerusalem branch of BBBS, after working for several years as a consultant for Perach organization. Well acquainted with the world of volunteering and tutoring in Israel, Libby Recognized the need to create a long-term mentoring organization for children growing up with a single parent, after the model developed by the international organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters (www.bbbs.org).

Libby contacted Big Brother International, an umbrella organization representing big brother programs around the world. After establishing and opening three branches of the association, the Israeli organization was recognized by the International Big Brother organization.

BBBS association has been operating for more than a century all over the world. Thanks to its work, tens of thousands of children found big brothers and sisters who helped them change their lives.